What is Si Se Puede?

Si Se Puede Foundation is a bridge builder and leader in providing community programs that improve the quality of life and strengthen communities, families, and children. Si Se Puede (SSP) Foundation will be a continually recognized community organization that empowers children and families to have a "Si Se Puede" mentality through participation in SSP programs such as science and technology, college readiness, mentoring, youth sports, neighborhood revitalization, the arts, life-skills, education, and tutoring.

What We do Together

The RoboWolves' push to start and form other FIRST teams, like FLL teams, is to hopefully give them a chance to become members of Chandler High Robotics and result in students with future goals to become engineers and critical thinkers. Si Se Puede's FLL team is supported and aided by Team 1290's students throughout their build season. Team members from the robotics club volunteer at Si Se Puede Robotics on Saturdays. These elementary and junior high students are mentored through many different activities, including the FLL competitions and complex calculus. We help them research and build the bots for their own competitions, both FIRST and NURC. Just as we help provide young teams with students to look up to, they provide Chandler Schools with potential leaders and achievers of amazing feats.

Si Se Puede has sponsored this team for quite some time. For a while some of our members have mentored the participants of Si Se Puede Robotics. We teach them the basics of engineering and later have them participate in the FLL competition. When they enter high school, they become members of Chandler High Robotics and mentor the participants of Si Se Puede Robotics. This is how we emphasize our partnership with our sponsors and hope to maintain these relationships with all of our sponsors

Through our long lasting partnership with Si Se Puede, we have had the opportunity to interact and mentor nearly ten FLL teams every year, teaching them both the FIRST ideals of gracious professionalism and teamwork, but also the basic tenets of engineering and even calculus, skills that will help them not only through high school, but also through college and beyond.

We have always been tireless in our pursuit of of STEM education, both at Chandler High School, our feeder schools, and the surrounding community.  Our partnership with Si Se Puede has both advanced our goals of educating and mentoring our youngest engineers, and our involvement in the surrounding community by keeping more people interested in both our team and the teams we mentor.