The FIRST robot is named Galaga because it sounds cool. Weighing in at about 120lbs, it is the robot that brought us to the FIRST championship. Galaga could shoot frisbees into the two point goal with ease and could consistently hang from the ten point bar on the pyramid. It had four CIM motors on a six wheel tank drive arrangement and rarely met another robot it couldn't push around.

NURC Bot name

The NURC bot is basically a giant diving bell. When it descends the black box traps air in it around the electronics, a water sensor senses the rise of the water due to the compression of the air and pumps in more air to keep the water down. Four motors allowed us to move as we wanted. In the competition though thought the air line was loose that allowed us to pump in more air, and instead of pumping in more air, it released it all, the electronics flooded and we sunk like a stone, I need pics