President: Austin Jones

My name is Austin Jones. I am the President of robotics club. I have always been interested in electronics and engineering. I have played piano for 15 years, and am currently the pianist for CHS Jazz Band. I also play solo piano. I am an actor and have been leads in plays such as Drowsy Chaperone (MIC) and Willy Wonka (Grandpa Joe). In my job as President, I strive to help the club to learn more about how a robot works, how to build robots, and how to use object based coding (generally Java) to make a robot work, both autonomously and as controlled by a driver. For the duration of the club, I will try to integrate as many members as possible, and become a knowledge source for questions and ideas so that others may learn all about robotics, and glean skill in the S.T.E.M. fields. I have worked on everything from my own coding projects to building an 87 Suzuki Samurai rock crawler and restoring a 1976 Toyota Celica GT. I utilize all of the information I have learned throughout my projects and experiences to help guide and build this year's robot, Trial and Error.

Vice President

Secretary: Shawn Duggins

Hi there I'm Shawn, age 17, and my personal hobbies include playing video games, making indie video games (yet to actually release a finished oneā€¦ got plenty of incomplete demos though), cooking, making bad and/or poorly timed jokes, escaping from mental institutions, and breathing. Breathing is important. My club responsibilities as secretary include keeping a list of all active members, and taking minutes at the officer's minutes, as well as some of the paperwork that has to be done. This is my first year here at CHS robotics, and I'm on the Frame Committee, so as far as the actual robot building goes, I help a lot with the parts that involve putting pieces of metal together. I plan to, at some point, learn the software part of robotics, but I'm waiting till after the build season is done to actually do that.


Social Events Coordinator: Rebecca Valencia

My name is Rebecca Valencia, and I am the Social Events Coordinator for team 1290. I have been with the team since my freshman year, and plan to continue with my involvement. I plan to go to college for my liberal studies then either go to a trade school or to a university and major in creative writing, though I plan to keep my options open. I like to read and have a talent for cooking. I plan to travel a lot after leaving school, with my Germany trip next year only being the first step!


Vice President: Ileeyah Hoeck

Hi everybody! My name is Ileeyah Hoeck and I am the Vice President of Robotics. I am a senior at Chandler High School and am very proud to be wolf, and am especially proud to be a part of Chandler's Robotics team otherwise known as the RoboWolves! I have been taking computer-orientated classes for five years and do plan on continuing that education at a university. I absolutely love learning about computers, advancing technology, and science orientated classes in general and look forward to expanding my knowledge and applying it to real world situations. It is also an aspiration of mine to help get more people (specifically girls!) involved in STEM careers because it is a booming field that needs future leaders


Treasurer: Dominik Mecozzi

Hello I am Dom, I am the Chandler High Team 1290 Robotics Treasurer. I am here for my second year of Robotics making me no longer a greenhorn. I am still a rookie in a few aspects such as coding however I shine better off in Frame and electronics committees. I come from a military background as I was born on Fort Drum in New York, Watertown. I first enter civilian populations when I entered my first year of High School in Benson, then I moved to Maricopa, and came to Chandler the following year for my Junior year of High School. Rebecca Valencia, last year's Robotics Treasurer introduced me to the Team here and I never looked back. I made a majority of my friends here and have most of them to this day. Aside from robotics, I do competitive gaming such as playing Super Smash Bros, Dota 2, and I would like to get involved in CS: GO however I don't own it at this time. I usually will go by the tag RemedyofRevenge, however I use a team tag Stratosphere 6 (S6 REM for short) when playing team games with friends. I having been gaming ever since I was four and wanted to start a career in Game Design at age eight, and more specifically Level Design at age fifteen. As a person I would like to consider myself a very forgiving person and very laid back in nature however I don't back down from business when something needs doing immediately. I look forward to this year's Recycle Rush and seeing us go to National if we can, and I wish good luck to everyone else as well!

Social Events Coordinator